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What Do We Need To Do?

Gateway Macon is an initiative of the Peyton Anderson Foundation tasked with getting the word out about Macon to other places. We’ve started with Houston & Peach County, the Atlanta area, Savannah, and any other place we can capture the imagination of the traveler and convince them that Macon is a great place to stop. 

We’ve been seeing a lot of conversation about Macon, Georgia. How do we express the things we are disappointed about while still being positive about the things that are actually great? How do we push our city forward? Do we believe we have a part to play in rebuilding Macon along the “right” lines? What are the right lines that Macon needs to move along? Everyone has an opinion and every opinion needs to be heard. 

A few places trying to help get the word out about the great things going on in Macon:

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