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Tuesday Nights Get Busier

Gateway Macon is going to announce some really cool awards we’ve won. We’re also going to announce the 5 semifinalist for the Macon Shorts Short Film Competition. Our surprise announcement concerns Macon Music. After our announcement, we’ll have a picnic of sorts, NuWay Weiners and drinks and the opportunity to find out more about our competitions.

The Community Forum series (3rd stop at 5:30 at the Sports Hall of Fame and the last stop at 7pm at the Museum of Arts and Sciences) is a way for outsiders to gather the perspective of the community concerning the upcoming election. More than that, though, it helps the community see where others are coming from and hopefully will lead to a bigger discussion of how to get Macon on the right track, with community buy in because we chose the track. Please show up if you care about the future of Macon!

After all of that, you need a little entertainment! Strange Powers is the place to be. Strange Powers is an intimate documentary portrait of songwriter Stephin Merritt and his band the Magnetic Fields. With his unique gift for memorable melodies, lovelorn lyrics, and wry musical stylings that blend classic Tin Pan Alley with modern sounds, Stephin Merritt has distinguished himself as one of contemporary pop’s most beloved and influential artists.

And if that wasn’t enough, the music goes on just a few steps down on Cherry at the 567 Cafe. Space Ghost, Christopher Bell, Vitamin Eh, and Sick/Sea will be performing and I hear that 69 Love Songs may be played. Sounds interesting to me. Doors at 9! Only $5.

This is just Tuesday, and already, so much to do.

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