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On Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011 at 7pm, we will be sat in the Grand Opera House in Macon, Georgia witnessing the culmination of a lot of hard work on behalf of the City of Macon. In June of 2010, a group of creative people began the first steps in their efforts to put Macon, Georgia on the map - and in a good way. It started with a song and music video called A Little More Soul. It quickly blossomed into three contests: Macon Shorts, Macon Music, and Macon Mogul. On this Tuesday,  Gateway Macon will be announcing the winner of the Macon Shorts competition as well as showcasing the work of talented Maconites in the creation of the 10,000 Hours EP by Floco Torres and giving a live performance of A Little More Soul with all of the original musicians present and accounted for. That’s right, Chuck Leavell, Bobby McDuffie, and Sonny Spoon will be there, as well as the writer and singer of the song, Tony Reyes and producer Steve Moretti - who worked with Floco Torres on the EP. Streetline Drumline will be in attendance and who knows what other surprises await those who come out on that Tuesday night. 

The Macon Shorts Short Film Competition has been one of the most fun competitions to host. Not only did we get to see creativity from around the world (that’s right, world), but we also got to see creativity from right here. In the end, we chose three films that had something a little different to offer. Final Acts by James Kicklighter offered a view of Macon, with its amazing nature scenes, that was almost other worldly. The Razzle by Joseph Guay gave us a gritty, New York City-esque Macon, one that you don’t realize is truly there until you capture it on film. Superhero by Kristin Wright gave us the feel of what it’s like in downtown Macon - something that should look familiar to those of us who live and hang downtown.  


On Nov. 15, we will see the three 10 minute films and we will announce the winners as chosen by our jurors. Our jurors include Carrie Preston (Macon native Actor/Producer/Director - AND Arlene on True Blood), Lisa Sheridan (Macon native Actor/Director), Gabe Wardell (Atlanta 48 Hours Film Festival and Decatur Docs), and Lee Cuthbert (Location Scout at Georgia Film, Music, and Digital Entertainment). 


This stellar group will determine our Macon Shorts winner, but really, Macon wins because Gateway Macon will help the filmmakers pay the submission fee for other film competitions. We can only hope that out of town filmmakers will choose Macon to shoot their film and provide much needed economic stimulus for this Georgia Camera Ready town.

It’s going to be an unforgettable night. We hope you’ll be a part of it. 

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